TIL that anime characters shout out their attacks because manga is black and white and it would be confusing for readers to tell what is going on.

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I like it when Saitama tries to call out his attack. “….regular, consecutive punches….” You’re doin great, buddy


Several anime have poked fun at this, notably Nadesico. One of the main characters is a huge anime fan and anytime he pilots the giant mecha in the show, he’d call out attacks, even though the mecha uses an entirely non-verbal control scheme. Other characters berate him for it, asking why he bothers and if he had modified his mech for verbal commands or something.


I do like the retcon reasoning that My Hero Academia gives: teamwork. If you are about to unleash an attack with splash damage, you need to let your teammates know to clear the area, so you call out your attack giving them time to figure out how to react accordingly.


Side note: some series explain this in-story. For example, Bleach explains it as invoking the sword’s spirit to become a more powerful move.