U.S. SEC will publish GameStop post-mortem ‘shortly,’ Gensler says. https://www.reuters.com/business/finance/us-sec-chief-takes-broad-aim-financial-industry-senate-hearing-2021-09-14/

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Everything with this guy is “soon” “shortly” “on the table” nothing happens


Plot twist. The 3.2 trillion infrastructure bill is bailout money


Cmon man it’s only his 42nd week on the job!


Can you imagine the bullshit report these guys will pull out their assholes?


Another crook telling lies and soon publishing a fake narrative… who cares what he says, just replace him or simply dissolve the SEC and let the Department of Justice directly handle stock related matters. That way we could finally see them testify in court and be held accountable for every single word they say. Anything else is just show…