US defends deadly drone strike that killed innocent family after investigation reveals target was an aid worker

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I missed the part where Blackstone said it is better to kill nine innocents and get one guilty than to let ten live if one is suspected of guilt.


The Biden admin was so desperate for a win on the Afghanistan withdrawl that they acted on bad intel and killed a bunch of innocent people. This was a war crime pure and simple.


We spent trillions of tax dollars funding the murder of civilians. This did not make us more safe, it did not advance our place in the world, all it did was make some rich guys richer. Cool.


> Pentagon officials, speaking to reporters this week, supported the August 29 drone strike that left 10 people dead, claiming it was done to stop an attack on American troops. Those water jugs sure looks dangerous. /s Wtf? They really are fucking doubling down on this?


Just imagine if the situation was reversed.