US tribes demand emergency protection for wolves

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In Trump’s first year in office he signed legislation that allowed hunters to track and kill wolves and their pups in their dens, for bears to be shot at bait stations, for bears and their cubs to be hunted while they’re hibernating, for caribou to be shot at from a boat while they’re swimming and for hunting various animals from airplanes and snowmobiles.


Wolves are keystone animals ask yellowstone rangers how park flourished when wolves were brought back into park


At first I read this as: *US tribes demand emergency protection wolves* Save the wolves, fully agree, but… was really excited to see what Protection Wolves were up to tbh


Humans truly are sickening, I’m n my first year of college and it sucks about how helpless I feel against all this shit…


I am so pissed off at Biden for not reversing trump s decision. Shame on him!