What I don’t understand is if there’s so many religious people on Earth, why our Earth isn’t in better shape.

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It’s almost as if religion has no basis in truth, and is entirely self serving.


Abrahamic religions teach that the Earth is an object to be exploited by men. Gifted to man by God. With that mentality it is easy to just keep taking and give nothing back.


I grew up Christian and have a theology degree, I’m now an unbeliever, and the reason I see that people don’t care about the earth is this life is temporary, it’s all about the next life. this world is only a shadow of the true world that is to come, so why save a world that will be destroyed anyways


Why? The major world religions place little real value on the world. Some of them see it as intentionally a test, or they teach that we are living in the end times and it will all be replaced soon anyway. Others see the world as just one of many that exist and teach that we should not cling to it. Nether interpretation has much impetus for making the world better. On the other hand for a materialist who realizes that this is the only world we are getting, and the only life and that the only way to experience paradise is to make one, things would be different.


Christians believe that what happens on Earth is ultimately inconsequential, since they believe in eternal life. Who cares if the Earth is destroyed? Eternal life, baby! Yeah, it’s fucked.