What is something shocking you found out about a friend or family member after they died?

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This isn’t shocking, more cute. My grandad was a farmer his whole life. Ever animal loved him. We’d go to a new place and dogs would be coming straight to him, horses would cuddle with him. He just had a charm with them. When cleaning out his closet and digging in his pockets to make sure nothing of value was thrown in the wash, we found grains, bits of dried meats, dog treats, bits of old carrot (for the horses). Man’s been bribing animals with food all this his life.


My great-grandfather had not, in fact, been eaten by a bear on Mt. Rainier (he was a park ranger). Instead, he’d been cheating on my great-grandmother and was summarily run out of town by her brothers. He moved to Alaska and nobody knew what had become of him until we located his grave, many decades later.


Kinda late but… my great uncle shot himself in the head with a hunting rifle right before his kids walked in the door from school. His suicide letter said he wanted them to find him so they could know how much they ruined his life. They were very young at the time he died and no one knew about the letter until our great aunt died many, many years later. It was a whole new layer of hurt for the kids to find the letter.


I met all 4 of my mom’s boyfriends at her funeral. It was a surprise to them and myself.


My great aunt and uncle never had kids so they treated me and my siblings like their grandkids. My aunt died ten years ago this year. So I was looking up her grave site so I can visit and saw a suggested link to a page about the grave of her child. I was very confused because I always just assumed they didn’t want kids. Turns out they had a son who only lived to be a few months old. Made me sad to think that they did want kids and either couldn’t or wouldn’t after their son died.