Wrestling with the risks of private missions to space. The all-civilian Inspiration4 crew, launching to orbit this week, will force the space industry to contend with just how much risk ordinary people are willing to take on in order to build humanity’s future in space.

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Tens of thousands of people died exploring, colonizing, and taming earth. We knew that was going to happen and sent them anyway. *They* knew it was going to happen and *went* anyways. Space is a thousand times more dangerous, and the cost in lives will reflect that. But we should do it regardless.


Oregon trail anyone? I watched the Netflix doc on inspiration 4, I understand what they are trying to do and how they are doing it. Good luck to them for paving the way for civilian space flight.


People died to colonize the America, move out west, etc. space is far more dangerous, but yolo


I have no idea what point is the article trying to make. Many people risk their lives every day either for fun or as a part of their job.


Backpack is ready… just call me when you’re launching