Tesla unveils new structural battery pack with 4680 cells in Gigafactory Berlin tour. The battery cell allow for massive speed ups of battery manufacturing, in addition to greater energy density, and lower cost. All major battery manufacturers have followed Tesla’s lead on the product.

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I just need that 25k Tesla and hopefully this will speed that up?


Currently, battery cells don’t have a start to finish manufacturing process that can be done without human intervention (to the best of my knowledge). Tesla has stated that this battery cell allows for that to happen, which both speeds up the volume that can be made, and lowers the cost per unit, while massively decreasing the size of factory needed. Going to lead to the first, cheap full featured EV.j


My concern is with the cast body parts. How will they perform in a collision vs crumple zones? Also if damaged, does that mean the whole cast section has to be replaced? That sounds stupidly expensive.


Cooooooool. Anything that pushes up further towards better energy options in the future is rad.


While I am excited for lighter and more efficient vehicles, I am worried about the repairability of this and how it would affect the average lifespan of the device. Are there any engineers here who may give some insight?