60 Minutes: Deepfakes (2021) – How synthetic media, or deepfakes, could soon change our world and potentially disrupt society. [0:13:51]

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Social media already has and currently is disrupting society. We ignore that and I’m sure we’ll ignore it when it’s used to peddle this shit around the world too.


I predict that this will be the end of America as we know it. Trust in institutions is paramount to the survival of a community. A large percentage of Americans are unable to discern truth from blatant lies. Facebook has proven this to be true. Imagine a more intelligent Trump-like figure who has deep fakes at their disposal. I don’t see how the benefits of this technology are worth the risks. I didn’t hear anything convincing from those interviewed that it’s use is beneficial to society as a whole, whereas the negative implications have the potential to be truly disruptive.


This was a really good piece by 60 minutes


Doesn’t seem to be available from Canada


I am not worried about deepfakes. I am worried about people like Prince Andrew or Obama or Trump claiming their very real videos are deepfakes.