An anti-vaxxer and an engineer are crossing a bridge over a crocodile-infested river

The anti-vaxxer asks “What are the odds of us making it across the bridge safely?” The engineer replies “After a careful structural analysis, I calculate a 99.7% chance of crossing this bridge safely.” The anti-vaxxer then says “Forget it, I’ll swim.”

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3 out of every 1000 people that attempt to cross that bridge don’t make it safely. That’s pretty awful by bridge standards.


That’s one free motherfucker


I hate this joke because it means the person telling it is as clueless about statistics as the anti-vaxxers they’re trying to mock. If a bridge were 99.7% safe, it would likely collapse after a few hundred people crossed, so it’d last maybe an hour. If all bridges were 99.7% safe and the average person crossed one a day, bridge collapses would exterminate the human race in a year. And if only 99.7% of people survived the COVID vaccine, it would kill as many people as COVID.


This was reposted for the 100th time less than 24 hours ago.


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