Biden officials have reunited only 52 of at least 1,000 separated migrant families, a task they say is almost impossible because of Trump

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Someone had to make the active decision to: 1.) NOT keep track of these children’s family members. 2.) Keep doing it, over and over. As I said last night, fuck you r/conservative there’s no defending this bullshit just like there’s no defending blowing up children over seas. Fix your hearts. I’m a proud American, who’s ashamed of my government.


I wish we could prosecute the people who implemented the policy with reckless disregard for documenting who everyone was and where they went. People should be rotting in jail for deliberately not even doing the minimum level of due diligence to track the children.


In the movie Holy Man, Eddie Murphy’s character G tells the story of a little girl racing up and down a beach throwing starfish back in the ocean that had washed up during a recent storm. He stopped to ask the girl “why do this, what does it matter when you could only save one or two?” She replies, “for each one, it matters.” 52 kids. This work matters. And so does making sure that orange asshat never gets close again.


Just a note that the Trump administration’s policy was not only to remove children from their parents, but to take even infants, young kids before they could speak, etc. and not identify them in any way. They couldn’t even say their own names or the names of their parents. They didn’t get fingerprinted, or have a DNA test, or get an ID bracelet. They were just taken from the parents, put somewhere without being identified, and then the parents were deported without them. A literal atrocity. If any other country did it, we would call it a war crime, possibly go to war over there (if they had oil or something), and be convening a War Crimes Tribunal at The Hague.


We knew this was gonna happen. The trump admin had no effective system to reunite families as they were being deported. A simple system like taking pictures of family members together accompanied by the signature of everyone in the picture with their birthdays & name of hometown, would’ve gone a long way to assuring family unity. The barbaric approach by trump admin will forever be a scare in the history books of Our Country. As though We didn’t have enough to embarrass us to the rest of the World. ie… (Slavery, Internment Camps, Eugenics, etc)