I worked so hard for my credit score and now it’s ruined

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Don’t try to live your life having a good credit score. Mine was 825, sold a house then bought a new one and it went down 100pts. This credit score is a scam plain and simple. If they can keep your score low they can charge higher interest rates on loans, charge you more for insurance and basically charge you more for anything that you need credit to buy. Credit scores are rigged against you and should be done away with.


The difference in loan rates between an 825 and 750 is not much. Get it above 700 and then ignore it until you plan to buy a house.


If it’s gone to collections, the hospital will not be of use, plus every department bills separately anyway and it might be hard to track down. If you already paid one, then that’s done. Find the second debt collection agency and offer a “pay for delete”, which will remove it from your credit score. Get it in writing from them before paying, you may also be able to negotiate some.


If it makes you feel better, I had a 780 credit score at 21. Got a Home Depot card. Accidently left it at a job after quitting. Someone thought it was a company card and used it. I got the bill, opened up a fraud claim, then figured out what happened and just paid the card. Long story short, my credit score dropped instantly from 780 to 650. That was 3 years ago and I’ve only gotten back to 700 since, and there’s no strikes on my credit reports at all.


You should still contact billing at the hospital. I had a $325 bill that went to collections. I called the hospital and said I’d like to pay the bill, didn’t realize it was there, and asked if it could be taken off my credit. It was 100% in collections, showing up on my credit, through a different company. I paid the hospital and a month later the collections was gone. It is absolutely worth calling the hospital. Worst case scenario, there’s nothing they can do. But you won’t know best case scenario until you call and find out.