It is entirely possible to trick people into thinking the rapture is here by buying a bunch of blow up dolls and filling them with helium

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This happened in an opening scene of “Six feet Under.” Truck full of them crashes, helium dolls fly up and religious lady thinks it’s the rapture and steps out of her car. Gets run over.


During one of the “end of the world” rapture scares Harold Camping promoted, my friends and I scattered outfits and shoes on the ground in various places and took pics. We posted them on Myspace and asked what the hell was going on.


Bruh, you could convince a lot of people by just posting it on Facebook and putting some fake-ass news source on the bottom. That shit would spread like wildfire and we would immediately have a run on concrete blocks at every store that sells them.


two decades too late but this would have made a great Y2K prank!


Yeah I saw that episode of Six Feet Under also