Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny says his prison has designated him a terrorist

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They already tried to kill the guy, Not really sure what else to expect? The man has some courage for sure but there would have been zero chance I would have voluntarily gone back to Russia. Then again, I dont have a bunch of family that would mysteriously disappear if I didnt return to face my attempted murderer.


Gotta love a country that either kills or jails anyone who wants to run against the dictator.


This is the exact kind of gangster government Trump and his supporters want. Fuck that, what a dystopia. I feel for Navalny but I don’t see how this will end well for him. And he almost certainly knew that before he went back to Russia, so by not backing down despite knowing he’ll be heavily punished for it makes him a hero in my books.


Yeah, Navalny running as the opposition candidate terrified Putin, that much is known.


He’s a xenophobic western pawn. I thought he was good until i discovered his horrible videos comparing Muslims to cockroaches. Find someone that’s less of a racist shithead