LPT: When talking to call center reps, service centers, help lines, etc., if they put you on hold, put yourself on mute. Assume they’re always able to hear you because they probably are.

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If you can hear the hold music or some kind of company message, they probably can’t hear you. If you can’t hear anything, they probably just muted their microphone and can hear anything you say.


I worked as a CSR for a wireless carrier and our phones played music for both ends of the call while on hold. I couldn’t hear them and they couldn’t hear me. We recently had a new boss put in charge who never worked in a call center, was a sales rep before becoming a call center manager. He calls me into the office and starts ripping me for saying vulgar things to a customer and how he had to let them out of nearly$1200 of early termination fees because of what I had said. I give a confused look and he said, ” Don’t lie, the customer heard you say XYZ after you put them on hold”. AHH, I see. Not possible boss. He argues for awhile and then I suggest I go back to my desk and he can call me, which he agreed. He called me, I put him on hold, and then…he hung up after finding out he got nothing but elevator music and the customer had taken him for a ride. Never did come to my desk to discuss it further as he had said he would before we did it. Welcome to customer service boss. He was used to lying to the customers, not the other way around.


Fart to assert dominance.


Relevant story time: I was in training for a national bank’s call center. While we were training, we’d have a limited interface that we could follow along while listening to live calls and test if we knew the correct procedures to handle the customer requests. This peticular call we were listening to, the caller was having difficulty verifying their identity. The agent put the customer on hold so they could double check on what other identity verification questions she could use. While the customer was hearing hold music, we could still hear their mic. We listened as the caller laughed with someone in the background about how they were in fact not the person they were claiming, but had their debit card and pin and wanted to see how much they could get from the ATM without it locking up. Our trainer took a light jog outside the training room and was able to alert supervisors. When they returned from hold they tried to continue to argue that they were the account holder. Supervisor froze the account and contacted the branch where they had opened it to follow up. They can absolutely hear what you’re saying when there is hold music playing. If they want to.