Majorie Taylor Greene tried to celebrate Columbus Day but failed miserably | This is what happens “when you’re way more racist than you are smart.”

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The hero worship of Columbus is simply pure GOP trolling. It’s a perfect analogy for their party though, because the entire concept relies on a faulty understanding of history combined with deliberate and willful ignorance in pursuit of fealty and submission to a handful of politicians.


She is such a fucking racist, and not the ‘just ignorant’ kind that can be educated out of it, but the *irredeemably stupid* kind that’s pretty much a write off. I just take it for granted that she’s a complete and total piece of shit.


There is **no** way she doesn’t know what Columbus did to the Taíno people. I mean, there are videos online even for small children, and my 5 year-old cousin can understand the history. Then again she did misspell one of **the** most infamous figures in history(also the capital of Ohio), so I wouldn’t doubt if she failed 1st grade; Lauren Boebert understands the struggle. Edit: Well ok, I showed her tweet to my grandpa, and before I tell you what he said, let me give you some context. Even growing up in somewhat racist right-wing household, the two groups my Boomer grandparents, Boomer/Silent Generation grand uncles, and grand aunts ***never*** picked on were Jews and Native Americans. My great grandparents/uncles and aunts either produced stuff or fought in WW2, and my family have always agreed that the Native tribes got dealt a bad hand on every deal. I generally never heard anyone talk shit about natives, not even on the internet while it wasn’t as regulated as it is today…..until recently during the Trump years. After pointing out MTG’s tweet, my grandpa immediately retorted by turning on a PragerU(rine) video called Goodbye, Columbus Day. TL;DW Columbus was one the greatest navigators of his time, disease killed most of the natives and when it was settlers, “the whites kicked ass and took names” to quote my grand uncle. “We killed them before they killed us, and I can sleep soundly knowing the settlers did the right thing.” Is what my grandpa said. What the fuck. The point: I thought even my racist elders and the USA as a whole could at least agree that we should feel bad for the natives who got exterminated, their culture demolished, and generally who had less rights than wild animals. Enter MTG and Prager(differently not a)U who say, ” Nah, fuck them too.” Fuck me for thinking ***even they*** could at least not be racist to native Americans.


She seems to perfectly represent the folks who elected her. The system works!


Pretty sure “more racist than smart” is printed on her business card.