State Department Investigating if Trump Officials Stole G7 Gift Bags Meant for Foreign Leaders

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if r/trashy was an entire administration


I mean it’s tactless, embarrassing, and most likely technically illegal so I don’t see how they could have resisted.


> There are also lots of questions surrounding some of the dozens of gifts the Trump administration received during Trump’s first presidential trip to Saudi Arabia. Among the gifts were three robes made of tiger and cheetah fur as well as a dagger with a handle that seemed to be made of ivory. The Trump administration didn’t just fail to report many of the gifts until the last minute, they also held on to them even though a White House lawyer warned against it because they likely amounted to violations of the Endangered Species Act. Turns out though the furs were dyed and not real. It’s unclear whether the Saudis knew the furs were fake. What are you even going to do with tiger fur robes, real or fake? I mean, assuming you’re not a pimp or filming a porno.


Off that I have no doubt. Also, reminds me of a quote from Malory Archer in season 5: “Oh, yes, we are, and if you’ve got any sense, you’ll fill your pockets, too! Because your regime is officially over. And I’ve seen coups from Angola to Zanzibar, and this is how it ends: in the trunk of a taxi to the airport, your belly full of diamonds and vodka, praying your driver doesn’t rat you out to the Reds at the last checkpoint.”


Lol. You know damned well they most likely did.