TIL – President Benjamin Harrison declared Columbus Day in part to help ease anti-Italian sentiment, and celebrate American diversity.

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As an Italian-American, I’m all for the day, but change the guy. How about “the king of cool” Dean Martin.


Silvio Dante would have been pleased with Benjamin Harrison.


TIL everyone in the comments is insufferable


Why not Leonardo DaVinci, he did more for the Italians than Columbus ever did.


So this Columbus Day happened cuz a few Italians were murdered (lynched) as Italians were seen to be equal or even in some cases, lower in human status than the black slaves. Same with the Irish and others (Asian, middle eastern etc.) who came to the states. The Italian government were going to retaliate on the U.S for the treatment and killings of the Italian immigrants. The U.S didn’t want no beef with the Italian government so they gave Italians in the states Columbus Day. To appease the ‘lesser than’ white man and avoid beef with another European power.