A record 4.3 million US workers quit their jobs in August, led by food and retail industries

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I put this elsewhere, but the labor market is in shambles. Virus uncertainty and fear of the virus. Low wages and non-wage benefits. Childcare capacity and affordability. A major sector of the economy (service/leisure and hospitality) where workers have to deal with increasingly angry and confrontational consumers. Retirements. This is going to be a watershed moment in our labor market.


I wonder if part of it is a lot of the traditional assets people used to work hard for are simply unattainable now. What’s the point of working hard if house prices have skyrocketed so high that the middle class is entirely priced out. If you’re going to live in a crummy apartment, might as well work an easier job.


I work in logistics/warehousing. We are all exhausted, overworked, underpaid, and just plain done. Our order volumes have just gotten to “work unlimited OT” levels. I’m amazed nobody has quit yet but when one leaves we all will leave.


It has ZERO to do with the virus. Let’s be honest, people are over it. Look at football stadiums, concert venues, people who want their kids in schools, airline bookings, etc. It has everything to do with awful working conditions, terrible wages, nonexistent benefits, irate customers, and unrealistic expectations by inept and nearly corrupt management. Let me touch on the “11 million job openings” reported by CNBC talking heads. My spouse is a teacher. She hates it. I hate it. She applied for a secretary position on Indeed. The application process took two hours and they wanted her social security number. She also applied for a pharmacy tech position. They gave her a “custom service” test that took almost an hour. The five jobs she applied too took almost eight hours. LMFAO. A close friend runs manpower for a large scale shipping company. They’re backed up for months. His superiors won’t allow him to hire anyone because they’re afraid of laying off people next year and having the layoffs affect their UI compensation rate. These companies are on drugs and they better get their heads out of their asses ASAP. It’s about time the workforce grew a spine and stood up for themselves. GOOD. I’m glad the quit numbers are this high.


What jobs are the people leaving food-service and retail jobs switching to? Is there any concrete data that answers that question? There has been a lot of press coverage about this but it seems like no one cares to answer the question of what are they doing instead.