All My Homies Hate Skrillex (2021) A Story About What Happened With Dubstep [52:52:00]

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Watching this video kinda ruined live dubstep for me a bit. Spoilers, he basically argues that “drops” used to be few and far between, and the DJs used to cultivate a vibe and an ambiance, and then the fans would get treated to a massive drop or two. He claims skrillex started a movement which resulted in American dubstep being essentially non-stop drops, which subsequently removes the magic or almost artistry of dubstep. I saw this video then went to go see subtronics, Griz, and kayzo shortly thereafter and I definitely thought that switching songs every 45s to basically just a drop a minute is kind of tiring


What’s crazy to me has been to watch little Sonny Moore from From First to Last leave the screamo/metal genre and start making electronic music, only to explode out of seemingly nowhere and become this worldwide superstar.


About 10 years ago I used to work in FE College (UK equivalent of a Junior College) and once saw a guy of about 17/18 with a tattoo going the length of his forearm saying “I LOVE DUBSTEP” I often wonder what became of that young man and his ill-advised tattoo.


I like the idea that the rise of breakout dubstep was caused by a smoking ban.


Always wanted to understand the connection between Burial to Skrillex.