Americans, how is life under Joe Biden going?

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I wake up I go to work I come home I get in my bed Possibly sleep Second verse same as the first Edit: damn this comment has more upvotes than the original post…. Edit 2: bruh everybody’s out here talking about what song this is from, I don’t know all these songs y’all are talking about but I just know that I got it from a song from an old show called Ed Edd and Eddy on cartoon Network. I don’t doubt that they took inspiration from a different song for that song but I think it was something called “Friends are there to help you” or something. Edit 3: no I am not a man, I am female. Edit 4: no I am not rich or privileged, I literally live in income restricted housing and drive a broken down 2003 Chevy Malibu and work overnights putting stuff on a shelf, I live mostly paycheck to paycheck, I consider it not living paycheck to paycheck if I have $10 in my account at the end of the month. Sometimes sleep and food are a luxury. Just thought I should clear those things up.


Mostly the same. The only real difference in my life is the people around me not talking about the president. People just hate my governor now. Edit: Oregon, folks lol. She put a mask mandate up a couple of months back and people lost they’re minds lol.


My parents are dead and I stalk the streets of Gotham at night dressed like a bat.


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Depends on where you get your “news.”