Biden Announces He’ll Be Exposing Trump’s Traitorous Ass

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from the article: >On the Hill, members of the committee investigating the insurrection have pledged to take a hard line with anyone refusing to cooperate with the probe. “This is a matter of the utmost seriousness, and we need to consider the full panoply of enforcement sanctions available to us,” said Rep. Jamie Raskin. “And that means criminal contempt citations, civil contempt citations and the use of Congress’s own inherent contempt powers.” That’s nice to hear, but I’ll believe it when it actually happens.


Good, do it before he ramps up his shit show campaign.


Wow, that’s really the headline, color me surprised. >…Trump wrote that the records sought by the committee contain information shielded by “executive and other privileges, including but not limited to the presidential communications, deliberative process, and attorney-client privileges,” adding that he would assert the same privilege in the case of any future requests. >Only, as Trump may or may not know, he’s no longer president, and therefore he has no executive privilege to assert. Instead, there’s a new president in the White House, and that guy? Says the documents are going to Congress! Whew, from that headline I thought for a minute I thought Biden might have found a sex tape that little donny left in the VCR or something.


Biden could play a video of Trump and Putin in the Oval Office talking about how dumb his base is while getting fucked in the ass by Putin and Trumps supporters would become even more enamored with Trump. They are literally obedient to him to a fault. It’s kinda gross to watch the cult actually happen… but like, publicly.


All I want for Christmas is consequences for politician’s actions. Everyone… Republican, Democrat from the local state level up to the presidency. Knowlingly lied to your followers? Consequences. Partook in insider trading? Consequences. Tried to stage a coup? Consequences. Fucking hold people accountable!!! I’m just a nobody, but if I did half the illegal crap our politicians and elected officials are doing I would be bankrupted and in jail.