Bisexual Superman Ruins Comic For Fan Who Preferred Smoldering Homoerotic Undertones

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This is probably my new favorite onion headline.


TBF, it’s Clark Kent’s son, they’re just calling him Superman. We can have one version fucking Perry White in the spin-off, and still have the other version lusting for Perry quietly in the main series. It’s the best of both worlds!


I’ve seen so many of the same people who said “don’t change existing characters, make new ones” now getting pissed that this new character isn’t to their liking. There was once a shadow of a doubt whether they really just wanted existing characters to stay the same, but now it’s obvious they’re just homophobic.


Tell me if I’m getting this wrong, as an ace who isn’t familiar with the terms, I think Superman is a “bottom”


Hot take – every superhero is secretly bi so gay folks can relete to them too