Canned tuna creativity

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Tuna mixed in tzatziki sauce and put in a pocket pita is really yummy.


My life in relation to canned tuna changed when I began mixing in: Capers, yellow mustard, minced garlic, cumin, curry powder, tumeric, mayo, honey, cilantro


I like to add tuna to my mac and cheese.


maybe not the healthiest option but I love having making spicy tuna with it, adding mayo, a little bit of sugar, splash of soy sauce, hot sauce of your choice (my favorite is gochujang paste), and a couple drops of sesame oil don’t hurt! I eat it over some seasoned sushi rice with sesame seeds and nori sheets. 10/10 always hits


Tuna noodle casserole, tuna patties, tuna cream cheese tortilla rollups, tuna with white rice/nori/mayo japanese style, or drained and baked in a pouch with veggies/seasonings. Different seasoning blends always change up your routine foods.