China re-introduces UK beef ban after a case of the neurodegenerative disease BSE found in cattle

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For fucks sake. Stop putting slaughtered cow leftovers back into animal feed to save a few dollars. That’s how you infect other cows with prions.


Plz no prion, that shit is nightmare fuel No treatment, no immunity because the pathogen could replicate itself indefinitely even though it is not alive. If the symptoms begin to show on you, you are 100% over, because the only way to remove the prion from your brain is to heat it up to several hundreds degrees Celsius. I am in a region where roasted swine brain is one of the delicacy. It is… indeed delicious actually, but I think we should refrain from consuming any mammal’s brain solely because of the risk of a prion disease breakout. PS: the roasting heat is not enough to kill the prions


Yeah I’m with China on this one. Prions are no joke.


It’s kind of crazy that it is economic to send beef from the UK all the way to China anyway.


no mad cows plz