guys of reddit, whats one thing you hate about being a dude?

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I’m always worried if people think I’m being a creep or a perv or something E,dit: Jesus christ there are so many incels responding,my point was mostly that I hate being self conscious about it. And I’m sure this applies to attractive dudes too. A lot of messed up shit happens in the world and I don’t blame anyone


Split stream when I piss.


Pee boners


Being expected to do the first move… I’d love to be asked to go out on a date just once


I’m a stay at home dad. Idk how to put it simply, or what the right term is, but I have been semi frequently harrassed, berated, and otherwise made to look foolish or feel ashamed because I’m a man who loves his babies. Out at the park with my son? Poor guy has to be with his kids while the missus is at home. Must be whipped. At the grocery store with the baby? Oh you’re so sweet doing this for your wife. At the doctor doing checkups/shots? Random people saying I either dont know what I’m talking about, that I just think my son is special, that I cant be trusted to give info on their health because I’m not their mom, and that I “need to tell my wife that….” Those arent bad, it’s just obnoxious. The part that really sucks ass is that my friends make fun of me for it, or when an argument happen they throw it in my face that I don’t have a job and therefore am not a real man. Just the status quo of a man must work to death and a woman is the only one fit to stay home. Grinds my gears. I know how to change a diaper, yes I’m happy, yes it was MY choice to stay home, no i dont mind not getting to fuck off with my friends all the time, yes I know how to deal with children’s medical issues, and no, I wouldn’t trade it for the world. EDIT: Thanks for the love guys, totally wasn’t expecting that from this post lol. For clarity, I guess I should’ve said in the post that those “friends” are no longer really friends. I stopped talking to them about a week ago, and only my closest friends still talk to me. (The ones that are either dads or don’t make fun of me) It was heartwarming to hear how much y’all care though!!! 🖤🖤