Homeland Security secretary orders ICE to stop mass raids on immigrants’ workplaces

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Order them to raid the offices of the managers, owners and CEOs.


I wish they’d just figure out what laws people actually want regarding immigration and then fix them. This whole idea of law enforcement agencies deciding which laws to enforce is not a good path.


Congress needs to get off their butts and start reworking the immigration system, including a good, affordable, easy to implement and easy to track guest worker program which will solve the majority of illegal labor issues. Everyone knows what the problem is and how to fix it, but instead they put the onus on law enforcement – a solution which is much more expensive, and complicated than just solving it.


Indeed, “raid the workplaces” to your hearts content. So long as you’re there to arrest whomever did the hiring, and whomever has been benefitting from paying a less than standard wage to an employee who can’t complain without repercussions. Otherwise, yeah, ICE can just stay at home since they’re not interested in addressing the problem.


How about we enforce the fucking laws on the books. Don’t like it? Then change the fucking laws. None of this selective enforcement bullshit.