Humans used tobacco 12,300 years ago, new discovery suggests

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I bet they’re all dead now. More evidence that smoking is bad for you.


Do you think the non-smokers who didn’t take breaks also bitched about those who did way back when?


And we’ve spent the last 12,299 years and 11 months swearing we’re going to quit after this pack.


I work in Traditional Tobacco eduction and commercial tobacco prevention for my tribe – this find supports our oral histories relating to our long-standing relationship to tobacco as a cultural and natural resource. Today we seldom smoke the plant, but rather use it in ceremony. The variety of Indigenous’ domesticated tobacco we have now was thought to be extinct but our tribal biologist found the seeds from a seed bank over in Poland – seeds stolen back in 1825 from the Columbia River by botanist David Douglas. We’ve since reclaimed our sacred tobacco. Our society system frowned upon misusing tobacco by consuming it regularly (it happened, but was not anywhere as bad an issue we have today with commercial tobacco). Smoke salmon, not cigarettes – keep tobacco sacred!


12,300 years of flavor country.