I feel like too many Creationists gloss over the flood story. Obviously it’s completely fictional, but the thought that over 99% of people would be so evil as to deserve death is preposterous and if that were the case and you posit that there is a creator it is their fault.

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All of the fetuses died in the flood too. Abortion is okay when God does it apparently.


If god is omniscient, he knew before creating them that he would kill nearly every man, woman, pregnant woman, infant, child, and animal (what did they ever do?) horribly in a flood. If god is omnipotent, he could have fixed it so he didn’t. But he didn’t.


Creationists love incest.


Strangest part is why didn’t he just snap his fingers and kill everyone? Why bother with water at all?


You’d think the Bible could have mentioned exactly what those people were doing that was so evil they all deserved to die.