I was thinking about hopping back into CEI and then I saw this!😱🤢 I don’t see any news of any public offerings so can someone explain to me how the fk this happened?

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You’re supposed to like the stock.


S3 confirmed back in January that they can calculate SI however they damn well please and change their formula anytime they want.


I think it’s because class c stock was merged into class a stock. It was something like this, I smoked too much weed to remember.


“Short squeeze” is a lie designed for pump & dumps. Actually short squeezes happen rarely, once a decade, and if one happened recently then all the big players have it in their short-term memory and they’re keeping it in mind. That means you can’t do it. High short interest means its going down. That’s all it means. If it also gets pump & dumped during that time, the net is negative, and if you try to play that game on average you lose.