Is a paycut worth it for a federal job?

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10% or 15% maybe, although maybe not even then given that it’s the VA. But 30%? No way in hell. Federal benefits are good, but not that good.


Suggest you spend a day at the VA hospital ask folks in a similar position if they like their jobs.


It sounds like you’re in a better financial position now: making $25 more than the other job and in a lower COL area, so you can pay down your debt much more easily in the position you’re in. In the info you’ve given us, I see zero advantages to switching to the VA (unless you don’t have health insurance or something).


Ask HR if they would consider bringing you in at a higher step, preferably step 10, to better align with your current salary. GS-11 Step 10 pay is about $85k.


Probably not. If you are working typically a 30 hour work week 50 weeks a year, you are making 61 dollars an hour plus benefits. The VA will work you 40 hours a week; so that’s 33 dollars per hour. Just on income, you are taking about a 50% pay cut. Even with a generous benefits package, chances are you are still making out better at your current job, especially if they have decent 401k matching and health insurance.