James Webb super-telescope arrives at launch site

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And then after a successful launch we have to wait 30 days as it makes it’s way to L2, during which time something like 40 major deployments will occur needing hundreds of actuators to fire and hold mechanisms to release, along with cables to unspool, joints to work and electrical systems to activate. So the launch is the first hard part. Edit: To put in perspective the Galileo spacecraft had multiple deployments but they were somewhat minor and really it only had one major deployment, it’s high gain antenna. That failed and somewhat crippled the mission in so far as it limited how much data could be transmitted. James Webb has around 40 high gain antenna moments.


Its actually happening ?


The Next Generation Space Telescope, which was renamed James Webb, began design in 1996. There is probably a JPL project manager that has been with the project since day one. That person will be the one drinking and crying at the launch site.


If this fucker blows up on launch or otherwise fails…I need to start looking for a therapist right now


Im more excited about this than my kid’s birthday.