Japan’s new PM wants to restart nuclear power in the country

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Germany: banned nuclear, tried to transition to renewables, failed and increased coal and LNG consumption, is facing a winter with extremely expensive and possibly unavailable electricity. France: generates most of its electricity from nuclear, prices are half Germany’s in normal times, releases far less carbon, never faces shortages. It’s clear. Nuclear is the way to go. We need to end the insane regulations preventing nuclear plants from being built.


With their technology, it would quite interesting if they seriously investigated and invested in LFTR. If they succeeded, it would be a good thing for the climate and energy security for the world.


The voters hate nuclear energy here in Japan. And by the voters, I mean the over 60 crowd, since they’re pretty much the only people who vote and are engaged in politics here. This generation was raised with a huge emphasis on a postwar anti nuclear weapon ideology in school (which is great, actually). Unfortunately, this got twisted into a fear of nuclear energy as well. Fukushima didn’t help, either. Every few months, I see protests of elderly people marching down the street with signs against nuclear weapons and energy. In their mind, there is no difference. It’s all poison, and part of their upbringing is “nuclear whatever is bad.” Seriously, pick one or the other – or do some damn research and educate yourselves. I think there’s some connection to the victimization badge that Japan still proudly wears over the bombs (it’s very complicated and not a discussion for this thread) but goddamn these old people here are just so damn stubborn. It makes my blood boil that they’d rather have us depend on Russian gas and ignore renewables rather than develop a clean, safe technology that will benefit future generations.


The Germans could learn something from this, maybe then they wouldn’t have to bend over for another Russian pipeline to be inserted


Just don’t build on the east coast next time