LG signs lithium deal with, Sigma Lithium whose production process is 100% powered by clean energy, does not utilise hazardous chemicals, recirculates 100% of the water and dry stacks 100% of its tailings

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The following submission statement was provided by /u/thispickleisntgreen: — It’s a common refrain to hear from fossil apologists that the mining of goods for green energy projects are just as bad – standard political BS. Many times you’ll see mining pictures of a lithium facility that are not lithium facilities at all. And while hydroelectricity in Brazil might come with some challenges, it’s still nothing like burning fossils. In this case we see an example where lithium mining is done relatively cleanly and positively for the environment. — Please reply to OP’s comment here: /r/Futurology/comments/q6ioy7/lg_signs_lithium_deal_with_sigma_lithium_whose/hgc534a/


Sigma rule number #3. Power your factory using renewable energy. Don’t use hazardous chemicals. Recirculate water and dry stacks. Can’t keep up the grind if environmental damage ends humanity.


Excellent high bar set if authentic. Converting essential mineral extraction to be as green as possible is going to be absolutely required as we transition to a carbon neutral society. Still need coal for steel and lithium for batteries. Cobalt and nickel desperately need attention.


Here in Serbia we found a *big chain of lithium* ore residing under untouched nature(forests and rivers). Company named ***Rio Tinto*** was about to make a deal with the government but people got all defensive as that would ruin their homeland’s nature. Lithium sure is a mandatory resource for advancement but is it worth the devastation of the habitat? PS. Im sure that denying the extraction is having big consequences on the global market, by making the ore scarce and therefore pricier.


Whats that last bit mean – “dry stack 100% of their tailings”?