LPT: if you want to cut down on unhealthy snacking when you’re not really hungry, keep healthy snacks nearby; if you’re not hungry enough to want the banana or apple you’re not hungry enough for the cheetos.

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I like this, and another strat i like is to “create space” between one and the unhealthy snack. Sooo if you like ice cream dont keep it in the house, make it so you have to drive to the store and get it. Makes one contemplate how badly they want it vs just knee jerk and eating the 1/2 gallon in their ice box.


This is a great idea and a great tip but sometimes you just want that bowl of ice cream, bag of Skittles, and a peanut butter crunch bar.


My biggest struggle is finding easy-access snacks – the equivalent of crisps (or chips if you prefer), bitesize chocolates and biscuits etc. Those junk food sizes seem perfected convenience. Any recommendations for healthy options that are just as accessible?


Don’t buy the junk food in the first place. The battle is won or lost at the grocery store.