LPT: Responding to everything with negativity is a terrible habit that’s easy to fall into. Internet culture rewards us for pessimism, but during personal interactions it’s a huge turn-off.

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Especially when it comes to stuff other people are saying they like, it’s really important not to tear it down, because that just stops conversation and it can come off as attacking the other person and their taste. A better way to express the same thing is to say “I could never really get into it. What about it resonated for you?” Then you can even express those negative opinions in a productive way that doesn’t shoot the other person down. “Oh yeah, I can imagine that if I were more into that worldbuilding I would have really liked that movie. I had difficulty getting into it because there were way too many characters.”


It’s also a quick way to lose all your friends. No one wants to be around someone who shits all over everything all the time. It’s like asking to have a bad time.


Took me a long time to break this habit personally. I complain sometimes still buts like 99% of things I don’t mention if it’s negative. No one likes that stuff.


I just spent a week hosting an incredibly toxic relative who does this. Everything out of her mouth is critical, negative, dismissive, sneering. She just spent two months visiting the US from overseas, a week here, a couple of weeks there, and none of the family could stand her company. My best takeaway from a week of her unbearable company was that some people are lonely through every fault of their own, and that I want to be better and more positive, myself.