LPT: When it comes time for the “do you have any questions for us?” part of a job interview, always asked why the position has opened up. This might help you get an idea of what kind of environment you’ll be going into.

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i like to ask the interviewer what they like best about their job, and how they got started in the industry. it ends the interview on a positive note and a lot of people don’t ask them that, so it sticks with them.


“We’re not allowed to comment on ongoing criminal investigations.”


I’m not sure what the expectation is here. I doubt any competent interviewer is going to give an answer that makes the company sounds bad. “The last guy quit because he hates it here”


As a recruiter I would be happy to answer this. However, if someone had resigned, I would not be able to tell you what reason the person gave for leaving in their exit interview. That information would be private, and protected by the same data privacy rules that prevent me from sharing details of your interview with anyone not involved in your recruitment.