Man fails in appeal against death sentence for transporting 1kg of cannabis into Singapore

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> While at a car wash, he met two of his acquaintances, Din and Latif. Latif asked Omar to bring three bundles wrapped in newspapers into Singapore, and Omar initially said he did not want to take the risk. Seems his gut reaction was correct.


I worked in the UAE in the mid-90s. The local English language newspaper ran a story about a Pakistani man who was prosecuted for possession of 7 grams of hash and he was appealing the sentence. His appeal failed and the sentence was upheld, the sentence being death.


Drug laws are crazy. Of all the things you could be executed for.


East Asia doesn’t eff around with drugs. Don’t know if it’s a holdover from the Buddhist hostility towards intoxicants, the Opium Wars, or what but they really don’t like drug traffickers.


Don’t fuck around in Singapore, because they do not.