My daughter (12) was told the story of Abraham and the sacrifice of Isaac at school (Genesis 22:1-19)

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Public schools?


Personally I’ve always liked the interpretation that it was a test from God that Abraham *failed*. After all, we know from the story of Sodom and Gomorrah that God can be reasoned with. (Earlier, Abraham had asked God if Sodom could be spared if 50 good men lived there, and God said yes; Abraham haggled him all the way down to just 10! Alas, the only good man was Lot and his family.) But instead of bargaining with God or even refusing him, Abraham goes along with it.


Magic book not real. You do no good for your daughter by discussing the morality of myths. The lesson is how silly people are to keep endlessly discussing the made up ramblings of centuries old crazy people.


Abraham and Isaac show just how cruel god is


What was the context? Is it a social studies class where they may discuss the doctrines of world religions? Is it an English class where they may analyze different kinds of writing? Is this an explicity religious school where they have a bible class or is it a public school? Are you in a country that has the principle of the separation of religion and government? How did the teacher present it? Did they use it as an example of religious stories or did they present it as a factual thing kids should believe? If you think that the teachers are overstepping boundaries, you should consider contacting the freedom from religion foundation.