New study blows a hole in Joe Manchin’s argument that the revamped child tax credit discourages people from working

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Did they figure out that children can’t work?


He knows it’s bullshit, but it plays well for people are against welfare, especially when it helps minorities


These guys. Seriously, you’d have to have a UBI of like 2 grand or more a month before people could afford to live enough to not go out and work. A tax credit ain’t going to do it. The truth is our economy would be vastly better off with a healthy UBI, universal healthcare, and many working just part time. People won’t be all drugged out and stealing with that free time. They’d be less stressed and free to do productive things for their families or communities or pursue education for more fulfilling careers.


Like he gives a shit. He’s not a good faith actor. He’s just finding excuses to oppose the bill.


And unemployment hasn’t magically fixed itself with all the extra payouts ending either. It’s almost like that was all bullshit all along.