Pandemic has forced 100 million into poverty as global solidarity ‘missing in action’: UN Chief

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it’s ok, as long as we create billionaires faster, it all balances out…. right… ?


The IMF and World Bank have been doing a great job at global solidarity, right UN Chief?


This has been the *best* global market correction ever! No war, no sorries, no “too big to fail”s! The market corrected, the poor lost (like always) and the usual suspects are back roaring like post-Great Depression.


Rather than the virus causing people to go poor, is it not the restrictions put on work, trade and travel to deal with the virus that has caused this?


UN speaker: “you guys are bad!! very bad!! stop being so bad!!” UN members: “wow this is so cathartic and powerful. Somebody isn’t afraid to speak truth to power. Real brave stuff” [repeat]konaaa