Renew your service or we’ll trash your credit score, Spectrum tells ex-customer

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Wow! I’m surprised that a cable company was able to find a new low. I would not have thought that possible.


My dad had the craziest issue with Spectrum that took months to resolve. I don’t recall all the details, but his bill was suddenly MASSIVE. He was told by Spectrum that he was attempting to pay his bill numerous times a day with different credit cards. Each time the banks were rejecting the payments, so he was being charged numerous fees a day. Spectrum repeatedly told him that the solution was to tell his banks to stop rejecting payments, pay off the entire bill, and stop trying to pay 50 times a day. The representatives refused to believe that he wasn’t actually calling the automated system and paying morning to night. They went as far as the suggest that “his young children may have stolen his credit cards and had been trying to pay the bill.” After months of progressively more angry phone calls he finally got someone in a tech department that believed him. One day they called him back and said everything was fixed and vaguely blamed it on a database issue.


Sounds like extortion to me. This should be blatantly against the law. WTF?


I believe it! I went to drop off my equipment today and they wouldn’t accept it! Not to mention when they finally accepted it they couldn’t give me any documentation! They made me take a picture of the screen for proof after arguing long enough. Trash 🗑


This is just typical of the Chinese and their credit syst… Oh wait, hellscape America again.