(Serious) People who walked out of a job interview, why did you do it?

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Pyramid scheme advertised as “sales and marketing”. It was a group interview. They served wine for fucks sake! They had obvious stooges initiating conversation about how great this opportunity was. I got very drunk and stopped being polite about it.


I wasn’t informed about the evidently very strict building security prior to the interview. The front door was practically unmarked, and you had to swipe a card to get in, but there was no intercom. The elevator required a card as well, but the stairs didn’t. HOWEVER, no one informed me that the stairwells are locked from the outside, meaning I was locked in the stairwell with no way to get out. I called the recruiter over and over, and even called the front desk, but they just kept putting me on hold instead of sending someone to let me in at the correct floor. I ended up getting a call from the recruiter while STILL STUCK IN THE STAIRWELL telling me they would not be going forward with the interview because I was late. I almost screamed, and asked her as calmly as I could manage if she had gotten any of the messages I left for her letting her know I was presently stuck in the stairwell with no way to get out. She said she hadn’t, and said it was too late anyway because they had gone with another candidate. She almost hung up before I could yell (probably too loudly), “THEN CAN SOMEONE PLEASE COME FREE ME FROM THE STAIRWELL SO I CAN LEAVE??” They sent security to get me, and I was treated like a criminal as I was led from the building. I have never been so confused, humiliated, and angry in my entire life. I left them a scathing review on Glassdoor. EDIT: WOW, this blew up! Thank you to those who said they’re angry on my behalf. That’s usually the reaction when I tell this story. This happened 8 years ago in Boston, MA, USA. I honestly don’t recall the name of the company or industry. I was scheduled for the interview through a temp agency, and had really only been told the bare minimum. In retrospect, temp agencies are not worth it, and I wish I’d just applied for jobs directly. I was in 21 and fresh out of college, and didn’t want to make waves, so to those suggesting I should’ve called the police and/or sued them – I agree 100%, and current me would give 21 year old me the same advice.


Applied for a software developer position for an online retailer. First round of interviews was a traditional technical skills and whiteboard coding session, second round was a cultural fit interview with HR. I assumed it would be an one on one interview with HR, it was a room with 20 something people applying for anything from legal to finance. They asked us to stand up, then crawl into a ball and pretend we were flowers opening. At this point I honestly thought it was some kind of prank, then I saw everybody around me doing it. I just said thanks for the opportunity and left.


Sat down with the owner and the first thing he said was, I don’t hire people with beards. I said okay, got up and walked out.


I once showed up for a job interview in a suit and tie after answering a newspaper ad for a “warehouse worker”. Instead of a job interview at the warehouse, they had me get into some truck with one of the employees who drove me a few hours away, pulled over in some random neighborhood, and explained to me that the job was going door-to-door trying to sell cuts of meat to people, unsolicited. I told him this was not the “warehouse worker” job that they had advertised and if he didn’t bring me back home immediately, I was going to call the police and report a kidnapping. I was brought back to my car, but I was not paid for the several hours of my wasted time. Fuck you, Pacific Prime of Cromwell, Connecticut.