Strange radio waves emerge from the direction of the galactic centre

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Strength of signal varying by a factor of 100. Signal starting & stopping seemingly at random. Whatever it is sounds chaotic as hell. Would not want to be anywhere near whatever is causing that.


When did this sub turn into YouTube comments section? Every comment except like three top level comments are “””jokes”””. Even the top comment which attempts to explain and discuss the topic just has replies that are shitty jokes.


Well… its the center of the galaxy, a lot of events happening there, everything is much more close then here so no wonder once in while something random pops up… also… even if we assume its one in a billion chance it is an intelligent signal it happened tens of thousands of years ago anyway… so we missed everything because light speed sucks, its slow af. edit#1: i see people started making jokes about how ridiculous it is to say that light is slow. BUT IT IS. I mean ofcourse everything is relative, relatively to us light is fast, why the hell we compare everything in the universe to us? egocentrism at it again, lets instead compare it to at least something you can see almost everyday… like the moon. And already you see it with a delay, how it was 1.3 seconds ago and not how it is right now and its literally right here, we’ve even been on it, we haven’t even started our journey outside of Earth’s gravitational field and we are already seconds behind, communicating with Moon already takes 2.6 seconds and with Mars it will take 40 minutes, 11 hours delay with Pluto, we have not even left the solar system and its already impossible to have normal communications. Technically even when you look down at your own feet you see them how they looked in the past, its just too small of a fraction for our brain to process. You still think light is fast? edit#2: as u/Andromeda321 mentioned already this might not even be in the center of our galaxy, just in the direction of it, which most likely isn’t from our galaxy (because obviously there are *a lot more* stuff in that direction than just our own galaxy) so whatever it is it could have been AT LEAST 26000 years ago and at most… millions or even billions.


Could this be a Strong Pulsar Revolving around the Supermassive Black Hole?


Could be ; Black hole/Super massive black hole (Sagittarius A*) or could also be Pulsar , I have doubts that it comes from Aliens, considering that centre of galaxy is older than our solar system and radio waves considered to be primitive , advanced Alien race would probably use something much more advanced than radio waves as lasers etc…