Study reveals Android phones constantly snoop on their users

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I can’t believe they’re spying on me. Just wait until I post this on Facebook! /s


*”Study reveals **All** phones constantly snoop on their users.”* FTFY


This study seems pretty silly to me. It has Google getting data from LineageOS phones. So I opened the actual report to see if they are calling out LineageOS for failing to DeGoogle things as promised. As I suspected they aren’t, instead on page 11 of their report they very sneakily show they are manually installing Google Apps on top of LineageOS. I would not count that as a point against LineageOS, LineageOS openly tells people they can install Google apps and get tracked by Google if they want but base LineageOS does not include it.


Yeah, I thought this was pretty much common knowledge by now. If you have a cell phone, you should assume you’re being listened to and your movements tracked. And people get all worked up over fears of a chip in vaccines, while at the same time they have Siri constantly on board and are regularly “checking in” on Facebook.


I am shocked and horrified to learn that an operating system designed by company that makes money on data collection is collecting data.