Texas removes suicide hotline from LGBTQ site because it could hurt GOP governor’s reelection

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He has got to go.


> The Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) quietly removed information intended to help prevent LGBTQ youth suicide from one of its websites after Gov. Greg Abbott (R) was criticized by a primary opponent for “promoting transgender sexual policies to Texas youth.” Calling the suicide hotline a ‘promotion’ of being different is typical Republican thinking.


This is why I fled that fucking place. I remember being in high school, in a small town where we all knew each other, and fucking adults, the *parents of my classmates*, would spit at me because I was fucking gay A tiny town with a Baptist church on literally every corner


Whatever your opinion of the lgbtq+ demographic, if you are pro-life you should try to prevent anyone from tragically taking their own life, specially when attempt of suicide is considered a crime in some places


Texas really wants to become Gilead. They’ve taken the book as an instruction manual