The backward and oppressive caste System in Hinduism

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If Hinduism cannot survive without the caste system, then Hinduism deserves to die out. And yes, I feel the same way about Southern Baptists and white supremacy.


Many people who are neither Hindu nor Indian believe in caste. They don’t call it caste. But they absolutely believe in a divinely imposed hierarchy where some people are untouchable and others are nearly as holy as Jeebus.


At its least toxic, the caste system combined with karma/samsara, is just a way of justifying keeping the poor and disempowered ‘in their place’. As in, they did bad stuff in their last life so they deserve their shitty lot in this life. It really has a lot in common with the Christian ‘prosperity doctrine’.


Just another reason to end all religions.


The caste system should have as much explanation power to explain inequality as the Tower of Babel has explanation power to explain the origins of different languages.