Theists often lie about atheists calling for the death of theists.

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I’ll tell you what you did with atheists for about 1500 years. You outlawed them from the universities or any teaching careers, besmirched their reputations, banned or burned their books or their writings of any kind, drove them into exile, humiliated them, seized their properties, arrested them for blasphemy. You dehumanised them with beatings and exquisite torture, gouged out their eyes, slit their tongues, stretched, crushed, or broke their limbs, tore off their breasts if they were women, crushed their scrotums if they were men, imprisoned them, stabbed them, disembowelled them, hanged them, burnt them alive. And now, you have nerve enough to complain to me that I laugh at you. * Dr. Madalyn Murray O’Hair —- It’s projection. They know what *they* did when they had the power to do so, and what they fully intend to *continue* doing if they’re ever in a position to do so again. The idea that other people might be *genuinely tolerant*, as opposed to reluctantly biding their time until they can get away with being violent again, simply doesn’t register. And if it does, they’ve been subjected to years of propaganda designed to reinforce the idea that *nobody* outside the cult can *ever* be good, ever.


Every accusation is a confession with those people.


Saying “Death to religion” is not at all the same as saying “Death to religious adherents,” but so many followers are completely incapable of understanding that subtle difference. Perhaps it’s because when they say “Death and eternal torture to non-believers,” they fucking mean it.




It’s like a bunch of grown adults still insisting that Santa Claus is real. Totally dead-faced seriously, he’s real. Oh yeah, and the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy too. The whole “trinity” if you will. And then expecting everybody to take them as seriously as they take themselves. Simultaneously chanting, singing, bowing heads, speaking in tongues, or whatever. Trying to convince you to believe too. F off with that noise. I think most people’s patience has limits.