TIL Archduke Ferdinand survived an initial assassination attempt on the day he was killed when a grenade bounced off his convertible. He escaped unharmed, but later wanted to visit the wounded and that is when his car stalled next to one of the assassins, who happened to be nearby.

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Nedeljko Čabrinović, the man who threw the grenade then swallowed a cyanide pill and jumped into the river Miljacka. He survived, because the cyanide was old, and the river was only a few inches deep because of the hot, dry summer. He was thus captured and sent to prison, where he died from TB in 1916.


Assassin – “It’s all coming up Milhouse”


Probably one of the most if not the most insane coincidence in human history, seeing how things would go from there..


If only he was a little more selfish.


And thus, WWI was born.