TIL inventor of the Murphy-Bed, William Lawrence Murphy (1856-1957), created his first hide-away bed as means to convert his one-room apartment into a parlour, specifically to host the company of his future wife. It was considered inappropriate at the time to for a woman to enter a man’s bedroom.

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Dang this guy lived through the Civil War and the advent of nuclear weapons. He’s over in the corner like, yeah that’s great guys but I invented a bed that turns into a wall, soooo…


That must be why casting couch is so successful.


I imagined a montage of him building it, sawing timber and hammering nails, while thinking “oh yeah Billy gonna get some”.


I’m assuming he lured her into the “parlour,” dropped the bed down, and then told her that her reputation was ruined, so she’d better marry him because nobody else would ever be willing to. That’s just classic 19th century courting strategy. EDIT: jesus guys, re-read the joke. *The joke* demands the quotation marks around “parlour,” because the “parlour” turns out to be a stealth bedroom. I’m glad we’ve got so many historians lurking about, but I’m a little concerned for their ability to parse primary and secondary sources if they’re wooshing so hard on this.


Are these still a thing? I’ve never seen one in real life